terça-feira, 10 de agosto de 2010

Alegoria das famílias & algozes

Maldito seja o establishment da família linda
Que não passa de uma pedra carregada ao topo do morro da hipocrisia
Pra rolar abaixo e cair sobre a alma daqueles que a denunciam como fábula
Os terríveis algozes sem piedade
Que de sábia atitude não sobem o maldito monte

domingo, 8 de agosto de 2010

Sweet Tragedy of Modern Relationship (Yes, I love you)

Part One – It Begins (At Home)

The sweet tragedy of modern relationship begins on a Sunday afternoon, a lonesome moment by the way, even inside an undeniable friendly heart. Sat down in the dawn for a smoke, a modest toast to the silence. No good night, nor good trip, no one to be by the side. Therefore comes the evening; it can’t be a good one watch TV, matter of fact it’s always the worst occasion to do so, with or without someone. It’s also true that going to movies alone was never charming, but a fine doing when truly young – actually not thinkable nowadays. What could possibly be another company? Love still floating around the bedroom, but won’t find coziness in the middle of two unclothed bodies. Opening the window won’t make it leave; furthermore the door is the portico to welcome no more than loneliness. Indeed, the home is the love keeper.